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Week 2: The Road to Progress

I am proud to say that week 2 went well. Despite the fact that  it’s a crazy time with school coming to the end of the first quarter, making sure to keep up with and have time to enjoy my coursework, plus other life adventures that pop up along the way, I stuck to the plan. I got out there and got it done.  I did have some issues with my Garmin. I set the walk run ratio and it kept defaulting back to 1 minute run/1 minute walk. I was able to correct it for the 3rd run of the week by doing some extra Googling, so we will see on that.

With regard to making connections to our learning, I really see my experience with running much like that in the classroom. It’s the determination to put one foot in front of the other and work toward something better. Sometimes that means taking a giant leap and other times it means taking baby steps toward your goal and realizing that forward movement is progress and it looks different for everyone. This week, George Couros shared a great blog post on running entitled No Shortage of Road .  I really enjoyed reading his thoughts. He says, “Probably one of the reasons I still run, is that I know there is so much I learn from the process,” (Couros, 2016). I would have to agree. I feel like running is such a beautiful metaphor for life, teaching, living and learning. It’s getting out there and working toward being a better version of yourself than you were yesterday. And making sure to enjoy the journey along the way. 


I think my biggest frustration came on my long run when I felt annoyed being regulated by the vibration of my watch telling me when to walk and when to run. I found it hard to get into the groove I normally go for, which is actually quite sporadic- run until I can’t and then stop and walk. Which usually results in a lot of walking. Since I’m trying for building strength and capacity to endure, I took that irritation and used it for good. The guidance that I need now in trying to take those baby steps to progress doesn’t need to be there forever. But for the time being, I’m ok with slowing down and trusting the process. I was surprised by how good it feels to go for a run, even on tired and cranky after school legs, which was one of my bigger excuses before. It feels good to clear my mind and just get out there. I also realized I come up with a lot of creative ideas for my classroom when I run. I thinks it’s my meditative time with just myself, the wind in my hair and my thoughts.  I did employ a few resources this week, as linked below. I plan to do more research on steadily increasing the running interval as I get farther along in the plan, but I will save that for later in the challenge.

Below you will find a run by run breakdown of the week’s adventures: 

Week 2/ Day 1: Thursday 9/22/16- 

Plan– 30-45 minutes/ Actual 2.45 miles- time 35:30- 14:49 pace

Challenges faced: The first big challenge was that right after work, I had to take my sweet fur babies to the vet. One needed some blood work for a potential seizure situation we are dealing with. I was rushing and stressed out. Then, when I had finally laced up and walked outside, it started raining. Not to mention, it was getting late, so I’d be chasing daylight the whole time. Now ordinarily, this would have turned into another episode of “why I couldn’t run today” but with the 25 Hour Learning Challenge on it’s way, I got out there and made it happen.

Something to celebrate:  On the last, darn near dark leg of my run toward home, I heard a car beeping at me. I turned and there was my friend, two time Ironman Morgen yelling “Way to go Amy! Great form!” She rounded the corner and sped off and I ran the short distance home. It was perfect timing. Morgen is a huge inspiration in my getting started running and a go-to mentor. Out of no where, I had one of my sweetest supports just show up as if planned by fate herself. Oh, and it was the first day of fall!


Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 10.00.00 PM.png


Week 2/ Day 2- Saturday 9/24/16

Plan: 6 miles/ Actual 6 miles- 1:26:30- 14:25 pace

Challenges faced: I don’t usually run on Saturdays, for good reason. I’m tired. The school week kicks my butt and my legs need a day to recover from standing 24/7. But to keep to my schedule, I planned for a Saturday run this week. Which meant setting the alarm and in the words of Nike, telling myself to “just do it.” I did head out a little later than I had hoped, but by 7:25 am  I was on my way. It was a little drizzly but I decided if it started to pour, I could reevaluate. It turned out to be a beautiful morning. I did find myself a little frustrated with my watch. I felt like the 1/1 ratio was a little too much walking. But I told myself to follow the plan and not to push it. All in good time. According to this Runner’s World article, the key is consistency before trying to phase out walking and to work to develop endurance before worrying about speed. If I truly want to see improvement, I have do something I haven’t done before and that means starting slow, and actually following the plan. I ended up getting confused between the walk/run ratio vibrations, so my red dots are less separated, but after 6 awesome miles, I’m not going to sweat it. I had some ankle pain, but Googled some stretches and things seemed fine after that.

Something to celebrate: I planned for 6 miles and although I was slow in the warm up, once my legs go into the plan, all was good. I took a new path today, and that was fun to shake things up a bit. I left the house with a semi-idea of where I was going, but kind of just left it up to the moment. I ended up down at the Farmer’s Market for a brief pit stop and got to see my parents. Then, similar to my last run, right as a I was heading home, I saw a car go by with the license plate “Hi Amy”–pretty strangely cool. I took it as a good sign.

Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 10.01.36 PM.pngscreen-shot-2016-09-24-at-9-58-59-pm

Week 2/ Day – Monday 9/26/16

Plan: 30-45 minutes/ Actual 2.39 miles-35:04-14:39 pace

Challenges faced: No real challenges today other than the usual I haven’t sat down since the car ride home from work and my legs are tired. I did head out a little later than I should have given that it gets dark so early now, so it was another chasing daylight run. There is a fine line between it’s too hot to run and- dark!

Something to celebrate:  I did it! I also figured out the watch situation, so I was able to reset the run/walk intervals to 1.5/1 ratio. By the time I got to the walk portion, I was definitely ready for it. As a result, the red “walk” dots shown below are a lot less clustered together. So I’m making progress.  I’m adding today’s run into last weeks total, as planned, so considering that, I made my 3 runs in a week goal for a weekly total of almost 11 miles this week. I’m thrilled!screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-6-59-53-pm

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