Learning on the Run

from Masters to Marathons

Race Recaps

Completing a race never seems to grow old. There is something so freeing and exhilarating when you cross that finish line, be it after 3.1 or 13.1 miles. I often come through drenched in sweat and shedding tears, simply because there is so much effort that goes into finishing a race. Crawling out of bed on rainy mornings when you would love to sleep in or lacing up your shoes after a long day of teaching when you haven’t gotten a chance to even sit down (with the exception of the car ride home) all play a part in that momentous finish where you wear pride and determination like the shiny medal around your neck. It’s setting goals for yourself and taking the steps to make them come true.


Some may think I am crazy for running 13.1 miles for fun. The truth is it empowers me on so many levels. It’s breaking through barriers and challenging myself in ways I never knew possible.

In this section of my blog, I will share and post my various race recaps. I personally enjoy reading others people’s race experiences and would love to share my own as well. Right now, with teaching full time, being a wife, mom, fur mom, and graduate student there is definitely a lot on my plate. But I am determined to continue lacing up and I’d love if you’d tune in as I recount my experiences  Learning on the Run.

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