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Improvement Science Page

  1.     Plan– To develop your knowledge and expertise of your choice topic or question, you will curate at least 6 different resources that help you further your knowledge based on a particular topic.  The resources that you cultivate should help you with your determine the direction of your action research project.  You can use scholarly articles, videos, websites and tools to support your project.   For each resource selected you need to identify the source, describe what it is, explain how it helped develop your thinking about your topic and how it will impact your teaching.
  2.     Do– What are you going to do differently to impact students in your classroom? Summarize the process of your actions.
  3.     Study: Collect and Analyze Evidence- Analyze the data you collected and determine the outcome(s).
  4.     Act: Reflection and Next Steps– Based on your actions, explain the outcome of your action research project and next steps.
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